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Feed-in Tariff deadline

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People interested in switching to solar panels have until 14th January 2016 to complete their applications, in order to benefit from the current feed-in tariff scheme.

Buckinghamshire is starting to turn rubbish into power

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Buried waste in our landfill sites decomposes anaerobically to generate methane which is 23 times more damaging for the environment than CO2. The UK is starting to find alternatives to landfill in order to meet our emissions targets. Buckinghamshire has now started to process some of its rubbish to generate electricity that can be fed back into the grid.

Britain vows to phase out coal-fired energy plants by 2025

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This week the UK Government announced that all coal-fired energy plants will close in the UK by 2025. They aim to have reliable, cost-effective energy and to reduce carbon emissions. The government intend to switch to gas-fuelled power plants as a replacement. Environmental groups have welcomed the phasing out of coal but they are wary of it being superseded by gas-plants instead of a shift in focus to more sustainable renewable energy.

Britain 2020 – renewable energy target

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The British government has been warned that it is not on track to meet its target of 15% of the UK's energy to come from renewables by 2020. This comes as the government is set to cut its subsidies for renewable energy and could result in legal action.