Solar PV Introduction

Photovoltaic Solar panels use the sun's energy to produce electricity. The Direct Current (DC) electricity produced is fed to an inverter which converts it to 230 Volts Alternating Current (AC) that can be used within the home. The output of the inverter is wired back to the consumer board to supplement the electricity you draw from your supplier and so reduce your bill. Any surplus electricity may be sold back to the grid as part of the ‘feed-in tariff’ incentive.Feed-in tariffs were confirmed for the UK on 1st April 2010 and make PV an attractive investment.

solar photovoltaic installation

How does Solar PV work?

  • Roof mounted Solar PV panels collect daylight energy and convert it to Direct Current (DC) electricity
  • An inverter converts the generated DC into AC (Alternating Current) electricity similar to that supplied from the grid
  • The converted AC electricity is fed into your mains supply via the consumer unit (fuse board)
  • Any unused energy is automatically exported back to the national grid and you then get paid for it by way of an export tariff

How much does Solar PV cost?

  • Costs depend mainly on the number of panels installed and the ease of installation
  • A fully supplied and installed 4kWp system will cost from around £6,000.

What is a 1kW Solar PV peak system?

A 1kW peak (1kWp) can, in optimum conditions, deliver 1kW of energy. In reduced sunlight and cloud cover, the amount of energy delivered from the panels will be less than this.

A 1kWp system will consist of:

  • Up to 6 PV panels totalling around 8m2 in area
  • A safety DC isolation switch
  • An inverter
  • A safety AC isolation switch
  • A connection to the consumer board via a safety RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overload protection).

A 1kWp system will typically produce up to 850kW hours per year which is around 25% usage of electricity in the average household

Is planning permission required for my Solar PV system?

  • Planning permission is not usually required for roof mounted solar panels
  • Planning permission would only be required in a world heritage site or if you are mounting the panels anywhere other than on a pitched roof
  • Listed building consent would be required to install solar panels on listed building; however, other options may also be available, please contact us for further information

A recent survey found people are willing to pay more for a home built to high environmental standards. Therefore with such a system your house value will increase, possibly even covering the installation costs, if not more.

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