Summary & conclusions

Battery storage has modernised solar PV solutions by providing a means of storing and using clean, renewable solar energy when we need it most. We have seen improvements in the technology over the past few years and prices continue to improve making battery storage a real and viable option.

The Government’s Feed-in-Tariff has fallen considerably since the scheme was launched in 2010 and although they are still in place and assist in making investment in PV attractive, the reality is that solar PV needs to ‘stand on its own two feet’ without the need for incentives that inevitably won’t be there in the future.

Self-consumption is the buzzword of the day, the need to store and use your own energy isolates you from future energy costs which continue to rise. ‘Locking in’ the next 20 years and more of your energy needs at todays investment cost makes a lot of sense.

SolaSave have a number of options to ensure you have a system designed to suit your needs. Whether you have an existing PV system, looking at installing PV from new, have low, medium or high household loads, entry level or high capacity long lasting solutions, we are here to put the right system in place for you.

We offer a free site survey and consultation service with our Engineers without any sales pitch or obligation on your part. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help.